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Skip the Zoom Happy Hour and try one of these creative ideas for engaging employees or prospects!

We’ve all been there; you’re sitting around waiting for your Friday afternoon team happy hour that’s been looming on your calendar all week. Or worse, you’ve been canceled on last-minute for a virtual meeting with a client. How can you reengage your team in this socially-distanced era? How can you engage your sales prospects and get them to convert?

In lieu of another virtual happy hour, try sending instant gifts directly to your employees, clients, or prospective clients.

We’ve found with our wholesaler and RIA acquisition clients that people are beginning to really feel the effects of Zoom fatigue, so our team has put a renewed focus on sales and engagement strategies which you can use to engage and excite your employees or your prospective clients:

Here are some creative gift ideas for clients and employees:

Books: One of our favorite outreach gifts is a smart, relevant, industry-specific book, and with Amazon and local booksellers now making the delivery process so seamless, it’s an easy way to share some industry insight with your colleagues. One of our personal favorite books for wholesalers and financial advisers is "The Household Endowment Model" by Vince Annable.

Fitness: To help work off those weekly virtual zoom happy hour events, Glo offers gift certificates for as low as $18 a month for a gamut of online yoga, meditation or Pilates classes.

Farm Fresh Produce: Better than any happy hour is fresh organic produce. Send an e-gift card from Farm Fresh to You and your client or employee can choose from a variety of fresh produce delivery options. Gift cards start at $25.

Beer for a month: Hopefully they space out the drinking so they can keep attending your frequent Zoom calls. Craft Beer Club offers many options for sending your favorite employees craft beers of their choice.

A Helping Hand: Tired of looking at that crooked TV hanging on the wall behind someone on your Zoom call? With all your scheduled Zoom calls, your employees and prospects are lacking valuable time to get house chores completed. Task Rabbit has resources to find the right individual to help with that household project that has been on hold during this virtual meeting season.

Stay creative in your sales outreach and we guarantee you’ll remain ahead of your competition.


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