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Truly In-House Scheduling is the Only Route You Should Invest for your Business- and, We Have Numbers to Prove This!

Sure, there are other scheduling companies out there, but we at Anchor are the only in-house approach to this crucial business asset. Need, proof- it is in our numbers. We invest in a partnership with the business we service, and this partnership approach has made is very successful in growing your business over the past eight years. Check out these numbers from 2023:

  • 224,166 Outbound Dials ----> 29.06% increase year over year

  • 11,355 Meetings Set ----> 23.1% increase year over year

  • 5.07% Conversion rate (calls vs meetings set)

  • 46,843 ITD Meetings Set

So how do we do this, well we must first thank our 15 full-time Client Associates who come into the office each day to improve your business goals. We would not be successful without our hard-working associates.

We have also had a banner year where we now call into all channels (IBD's, Wires, Regionals, Banks and RIA's) and we expect to increase our partnerships in 2024 from the current client list of 71 wholesalers and 27 unique investment sponsors.

So whats the point here? Proving thatAnchor's in-house approach is beneficial for everyone. We continue to grow year after year, improving upon previous years which means, you, the client also benefit from increased sales, visibility and client relations.

There are a lot of scheduling companies out there, but, they can only offer out-of-office associates. Where is the oversight, the ongoing training, the accountability? We have all been victim of working from home and not really working, we are all guilty of this. We know that this approach produces minimal results and the quality of work is also minimal. Getting clients back into the office wasn't an easy task after so many months working at home with government mandates, but, at Anchor, we knew to give our clients the best possible service, we must bring everyone back into the office. Our numbers prove this action.


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