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Not everyone receives a trophy in this field, only the best

An account of one wholesalers’ journey from the middle of the pack to the top of his field and what was required along the way.

Your parents certainly uttered the words “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” While this is mostly true, sometimes you just need to let go and allow someone else to handle the task. In the financial services profession, there are tons of services to help one succeed, so contrary to the advice you were once given, you don’t have to tackle everything yourself.

Take a financial wholesaler, for instance. You know, the one who tirelessly travels the country highlighting the many benefits of investing with their particular product; the one who relies on the internal wholesaler for initiating and following-up on activity, sending marketing collateral and providing a general outline of the products discussed in set meeting. This is the typical model- it works, right?

Could this model work better? Absolutely.

Instead of narration on how this model could be improved upon by some no-name financial services writer, let’s learn firsthand from a financial wholesaler who sought to improve his presence in the industry and found success in his new-found approach.

Meet Sean Mayo, Regional Vice President at CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions. Sean has been a wholesaler at CUNA for 5 1/2 years, witnessed the ebb and flow within the industry where certain products outperform others and then witnessed the roles reversed and the tables flipped.

Sean Mayo, Regional Vice President at CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions
Sean Mayo, Regional Vice President at CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions

“One must always stay ahead of the curve, and to do so you need an edge," says Sean. "For me this edge came in the form of consultation and time management, two factors I always tackled on my own without realizing there are much more efficient approaches than doing this myself.”

There are many companies out there that promise to achieve this crucial factor in financial wholesaler success- but few that can actually deliver.

Sean states, “I was struggling with time management, became encumbered in the administrative tasks that were weighing me down and keeping me from continuously staying in front of existing clients while finding a way to get in front of new advisors as well.”

So you’re probably wondering, what did Sean do? He hired a financial services scheduling firm, one who has been on both sides of the field, Anchor Advisory Services. Founded by two financial professionals who understand the financial services industry because they have served in a gamut of roles before starting their own firm which addresses the struggles of those in the profession.

Sean continues, “For the first time, my calendar is full, my relationships with my clients are more focused and substantial allowing me more time to build these crucial relationships and worry less of the operational aspects of my job.”

Did we mention Sean received the gold star, the pinnacle, the biggest accolade: TOP WHOLESALER within his company? “My affiliation with the scheduling company, Anchor Advisory Services, gave me the impetus to propel my business and outshine in my role.”

Anchor Advisory Services is full-service financial firm that specializes in improving the impact of wholesalers through a time-tested approach that involves many factors: communication, education, activity and consistency. Jim Mulligan, co-founder of Anchor Advisory, provides insight on why his services are proven effective, allowing their clients to outperform competitors in the field.

“We believe success in wholesaler scheduling comes down to a few critical factors, 1. communication, 2. process and 3. consistency. Over the last 5 1/2 years the team at Anchor has significantly outperformed our competitors as evidenced by 37,500 meetings set since we started," says Jim. “Sean is perfect example of one of our clients reaching the pinnacle of his career- Top Wholesaler. Sean could not perform all tasks required in his profession to the best of his ability. Sometimes you need to succeed to asking for help, and for Sean our services were the perfect fit."

Anchor is not your typical scheduling service provider for a few reasons that are critical to someone like Sean reaching success. For one, a company cannot claim to assist others without first being on the other side of the table.

As former internals turned wholesalers turned desk managers turned business owners- “we understand the gamut within our profession and we know what works” says Jim. “From training, managing, advising and encouraging our employees we know we can hold our employees to a high standard that is sought within this profession. Even during this work-from-home environment we have faced since March of this year, we continue to bring our employees in to the office for a week of training and offer each employee solutions how to become more efficient at their job and in turn effectively enhance the wholesalers they support.”

Sean Mayo finishes with a final powerful thought “I was the recipient of the Top Wholesaler award, but in actuality it took my whole team at Anchor where we develop a business strategy to effectively enhance my strategy and overall my sales. I couldn't have done it without great people supporting me and working together. After I realized I could not singularly perform all the tasks necessary of an external wholesaler was when my business expanded.”

Ready to work with Anchor Advisory Services? Connect with us today.


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