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What sets Anchor Advisory Services apart from other wholesaler schedulers?

Founded by two Wall Street veterans with expertise in a variety of finance industry functions, Anchor Advisory Services was created to transform industry standards by providing an innovative and effective new kind of service to wholesalers.

Anchor’s founders Jim Mulligan and Steve Rokoszewski brought their combined forty years of experience in the capital-raising financial sales industry to build an entirely new, cost-effective and efficient way to provide wholesalers with the professional scheduling services they need. Together, Jim and Steve realized that there was a need for a service that could provide wholesalers with a meeting scheduler who is highly-trained and can provide a better experience than what had become industry standard. Anchor Advisory schedulers maintain professionalism and focus solely on providing customers with an exceptional customer experience, which ultimately improves the wholesaler’s relationship with their clients.

How is Anchor Advisory Services disrupting the wholesaler scheduling world? Here’s how:

We have a deep understanding of the finance industry. Jim, Steve and the entire Anchor team have exceptional experience in financial sales and distribution and know exactly what it takes to make both wholesalers and their clients happy. Our entire team is well-versed in the intricacies, language, and professional standards of the finance industry, which immediately sets the appropriate tone for our wholesalers to then seamlessly continue the conversation.

Professional team, working to produce fast results. The team at Anchor Advisory Services is ambitious, inventive, and highly-engaged. We work with focus and resolve to achieve fast results for clients, and our team undertakes continuous training to remain ahead-of-the-curve.

Cost-effective convenience. Anchor Advisory Services is able to fully integrate the resources of an internal wholesaler without the hassle of oversight, training, and management. Our partners look to us not just for wholesaler scheduling, but also for complete outsourced wholesaling services and RIA acquisition.

Transparent communication and reporting. We at Anchor Advisory Services pride ourselves in providing transparency to our clients in the form of daily reporting, clear and consistent communication, as well as open channels to our leadership team. Our schedulers connect with each one of our clients every single day to provide reporting in real-time, which allows our clients to focus more on their job and less on ours.

Services tailored to your needs. With our broad industry experience and willingness to adapt and accommodate, our service offerings can be customized to your unique needs. Connect with us today to discuss your needs.


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